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Tutoriel AIO #2 - Les fonctionalités Produits

AIO Tutorial #2 - Product features

There are three ways to control your AIO speaker.

#1 From the device

On the front of the speaker are four buttons  :

• A button Power     to switch the speaker on and off.

• A button Source     to navigate between the speaker's 4 inputs, each identified by a distinct color :

• Two buttons for increasing or decreasing the volume sounds. Sound level is indicated by the 5 white LEDs on the left of the speaker.

#2 Via remote control

You can also use the remote control to switch the speaker to standby mode, change the source or adjust the volume.

Adjust the bass and treble levels using the + and - buttons at the bottom of the remote control. The Reset button resets the sound settings.

If you use WiFi input, you can also use the remote control's Play/Pause, Forward and Rewind functions.

#3 Via the AIO application

If you have configured your AIO to your network, you can also select your sources at the bottom of the “TRIANGLE AIO” application menu.

The white LED indicates the WiFi source. It lets you stream high-definition music throughout your home and control multiple speakers. See  installation and application  tutorials to find out about all the possibilities offered by WiFi input.


A universal protocol, Bluetooth lets you stream music from any device and requires no WiFi connection or application.

Once the AIO displays a flashing blue LED, go to your device's Bluetooth settings and select the source: TRIANGLE AIO3. The blue LED will become static and a voice will confirm that the connection has been established.

If you have an NFC-compatible phone, bring your device close to the back of the speaker for automatic pairing.

Be sure to disconnect your device if another user wishes to take over.

For a true home cinema experience, connect an optical cable between your TV/DVD player and your speaker and select the orange LED.

The RCA input (the most versatile, indicated by a green LED) lets you connect all types of external sources with a Jack-Jack (3.5mm) or Jack-RCA cable.

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