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Magellan is the essence of TRIANGLE’s know-how, a strive to obtain the highest possible results, an exclusive product in which every element has been carefully chosen.

Made of the finest materials selected with utmost attention, this 40th anniversary edition carries on this fundamental approach. Combining elegance and technology, it is a continuation of TRIANGLE’s investment in favor of a target of pleasure and emotion.


Music as if you were at the opera. The sound image takes on a whole new dimension.

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CELLO 40th

All the magic of music unfolds in this compact 110cm high 3-way floorstander.

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Liveliness and dynamics are trademarks of TRIANGLE’s sound, and they are packed into this gem.

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VOCE 40th

The ideal complement for an exceptional home theater system

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Luxury Hi-Fi

French elegance

The Magellan 40th Anniversary range welcomes its new Space White finish, a clear and refined tone with sparkling reflections.

The finish is now available on all products in the Magellan 40TH range: Quatuor, Cello, Duetto, Voce.

A speaker made for music enthusiasts

An amazing immersive sound

The MAGELLAN 40th anniversary speakers are extremely accurate, every note ringing true.

Their wide sound spectrum, combined with their remarkable power handling, ensure the faithful reproduction of broad musical nuances.

With this product, you will enjoy a unique and exceptional moment that never ends.

Four luxurious finishes

The cabinets are covered with elegant precious woods carefully selected and assembled according to their grain. Enhanced by multiple coats of lacquer, the cabinetry of the MAGELLAN 40th anniversary is available in four luxurious finishes.

Shadow Zebrano

Space Black

Golden Oak

Space White

The MAGELLAN revival

Essence of TRIANGLE’s industrial engineering, the MAGELLAN 40th anniversary edition features numerous optimizations and the latest research work conducted by our dedicated and passionate team of engineers.

TZ2900PM-MG Hochtöner


Several years of research and development have led to the design of the new tweeter TZ2900.

In this limited edition, TRIANGLE introduces a magnesium alloy dome for a better transition to the midrange driver. Combined with the patented horn tweeter technology, this new transducer brings out all the details of the upper harmonics.

LHS 2 system


The MAGELLAN 40th anniversary edition speakers are equipped with a proprietary cooling system called LHS 2. A heat sink consisting of a heat transmission ring covers the back of the motor.

This heat sink allows an optimal heat transmission to the external structure of the driver, thus improving the power handling of the transducer.

High-density cabinet and architecture


The design of the enclosure is crucial to the sound quality, and the cabinets of the MAGELLAN 40th anniversary edition have been carefully designed to ensure full stability.

The curved shape of the cabinet is made of successive layers of high-density fiberboard, each 3mm thick, thus excluding any internal parallels.

This cabinet is characterized by a specific architecture resulting from a thorough study of the vibrations and micro-deformations of the cabinetry. Reinforcements have been placed strategically to make sure the cabinets are rigid enough to withstand the powerful vibrations generated by the drivers at high volume levels.


Assembled in our production facility, the crossovers use components selected for their remarkable audio quality.

The capacitors are developed in collaboration with the French company SCR Audio, using large section air core coils only, bass and midrange/treble boards are physically separated. Every effort is made to achieve the best result possible.

Audioquest cable

Developed in partnership with the global specialist AUDIOQUEST, the internal wiring consists of a carefully balanced blend of long-grain copper (LGC) and high-purity perfect surface copper (PSC).

The output is very clear, the listening experience unobstructed, with a dynamic but controlled bass.


Manufactured in a block of die-cast aluminum, the connection plate has four elegant terminals in pure copper, ensuring a perfect electrical conductivity. The terminals are designed to accommodate a bare audio cable, mounted on banana plugs or forks.

With independent crossover circuits, the bi-amplification will enhance your installation.


The specifics behind the TRIANGLE sound

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Enjoy a unique experience discovering the new MAGELLAN 40th anniversary speakers available at our Premium partner resellers.

Hi-Fi specialists will show you the different models of the range, offer you a listening session in the best conditions, and help you choose your equipment and setup.

If you have any questions, you can also contact our Customer Service by e-mail or directly via our chat.