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A music lover's dream of great sound

TRIANGLE story began with a young man with a passion for music, in his quest for a different sound. In his garage, he experimented with speaker prototypes that looked just like him.

Years later, this passion would give birth to a world-renowned acoustic manufacturer. Renaud de Vergnettes, 22, lives in Paris and works in interior design and decoration. With a promising career ahead of him, he resigned from his job to pursue his dream. This decision was the starting point for the TRIANGLE adventure.

The 1980s

A unique adventure begins

Looking for a different sound

Paris, 1980, Renaud de Vergnettes wanted to break through as a designer of high-fidelity speakers, and prepared an innovative new model with a two-module structure: a woofer cabinet decoupled from the pyramid-shaped upper midrange and treble section. Renaud thus expresses his desire to sculpt elegant, acoustically high-performance sound objects.

He immediately favored Audax paper-membrane loudspeakers for their natural timbre, and filtered them himself to produce a natural, fast sound. He then approached the prestigious Revue du Son, the reference magazine of the time. Feedback was unanimous, with journalists and audiophiles hailing the quality and distinctive personality of the loudspeaker, which left no one indifferent.

In November 1980, he officially launched his very first loudspeaker: the 1180.

The 1990s

A period of boldness and creativity

Development and Innovations

From 1990 to 2000, the company expanded, driven by the success of its first loudspeakers, including the “Minimum” model, a highly musical 2-way bookshelf that marked a whole generation of audiophiles. The company grows and organizes itself.

After a few years in the family farmhouse, TRIANGLE is ready to move into a new building on boulevard Jules Ferry in Soissons and step up production. This was a time of experimentation, with the production of a line of amplifiers ambitious in both sound performance and design. The TRIANGLE spirit was born of these years of creativity.

The 2000s

Ambition, Danger and Transition

Becoming a global player

In the 2000s, the company is at a crossroads. The team is working hard to make TRIANGLE a global player in Hi-Fi. They initiated 2 main projects:

• The development of a series of reference loudspeakers demonstrating the company's technical expertise and acoustic know-how. The mythic Magellan range was born, with the debut of the Concerto and Grand Concert models.

• A new building exclusively designed and built to meet the needs of the factory. It is in this new-generation building that, in 2004, the TRIANGLE team is tasked with bringing the company into the 21st century.

Upheaval and transition

At the same time, TRIANGLE was experiencing one of the greatest challenges in its history. Its founder retired in 2006, and the company experienced 2 major upheavals:

• The arrival of the Internet and digital music will profoundly change information and consumption habits. TRIANGLE must pass on its passion for beautiful sound to a new generation. This requires new products, adapted to modern listening methods, while retaining the identity and charm that have made the company so successful.

• Increased global competition with new industrialization methods and a growing share of Asian production. TRIANGLE sees many subcontractors and local companies close their doors.

• The financial crisis of 2009, which weakened all economies and reduced the purchasing power of households preferring to focus on basic necessities.

From 2010 to now

A new era is dawning

Carrying on the work of the founder

2011 marks a new turning point in the company's history: that of the arrival of a new generation of men and women determined to modernize the company while maintaining Renaud De Vergnettes' values of creativity, audacity and passion.

Streaming, digitalized music or even the return of vinyl are all ways of enjoying music, and TRIANGLE seeks to bring its sound style to each of them.

Today, the company is concentrating on two strategic axes:

• Developing “Active” loudspeakers including an amplifier for all-in-one, ready-to-listen sets

• Perfecting its acoustic know-how in the design of increasingly high-performance loudspeakers and speakers. With a team of 23 people, TRIANGLE is in a growth phase with the aim of hiring, expanding and making its signature sound known to as many people as possible.