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Borea loudspeakers benefit from research and innovations from the Esprit Ez range for uncompromising sound reproduction. EFS tweeter, natural-cellulose made medium or DVAS* system, each element has been designed for uncompromising sound reproduction.

Borea BR10

The flagship BR10 speaker is the highest-performing model of the BOREA range. These speakers are suitable for rooms larger than 30m2.

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Borea BR09

The Borea BR09 is a floor standing designed in the purest Hifi tradition. This speaker is perfectly suited to larger rooms (more than 30m2).

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Borea BR08

The floor standing BR08, inspired by the iconic Antal speaker, will fit perfectly in rooms ranging from 20 to 40m2.

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Borea BR07

A compact speaker at a reasonable price, it offers great dynamism and excellent performance in the low frequencies.

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Borea BR03

A bookshelf design to be placed on a dedicated stand (S02 or S05), the Borea BR03 will fit perfectly in rooms ranging from 15 to 30m2.

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Borea BR02

The bookshelf speaker Borea BR02 is the most compact speaker of the range. It will fit perfectly in rooms of up to 20m2.

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Borea BRC1

The BRC1 speaker is a center channel designed for home theater setups. Placed in the center of your audio-video system, it is only dedicated to ensuring natural-sounding vocals.

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Borea BRA1

The Borea BRA1 speakers, dedicated to the reproduction of sound effects, are an ideal complement for your home cinema setup.

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Prize & Awards

BOREA range awarded with the EISA 2020-2021 PRIZE

The entire Borea range was recognized by EISA expert as “Best buy home theatre speaker system”.

Since it launches in September 2019 the Borea range has received a warm welcome from the critics as well as our customer. Numerous international Hi-Fi magazines have recognized its excellent performance as well its price / quality ratio.

This makes Borea one of the most attractive option for Hi-Fi speakers under a 1000€.


Affordable speakers with no compromise, the Borea range delivers a clear vocal and midrange performance combined with punchy and controlled bass.

The cabinets and driver membranes are inspired by previous Triangle technological developments and benefit from the acoustic innovations developed in the Esprit Ez series.

With its sleek design and wide range of finishes, the Borea range will elegantly bring music to your home.


Rediscover the pleasure of a stereo system. From the very first notes, the Borea speakers immerse you in a wide, open soundstage. Enjoy your favourite music in a new and exciting way. Appreciate the rhythm, chords and voices recreated naturally with extraordinary energy.


The sonic realism and detail, emblematic of the TRIANGLE sound, give the Borea speakers great versatility. They are perfect for both listening to music or in a home theater system. The range consists of 3 models of floor standings (BR07, BR08 & BR09), 2 models of bookshelf speakers (BR02 & BR03) and a center channel (BRC1). You can set up the most efficient systems ranging from 2.0 to 9.2.2.


Be seduced by the charm of the TRIANGLE speakers. Their style and sonic signature are designed to bring unique intensity and increased emotion.

Every listening experience fills the room with a clear, dynamic and precise sound. The sheer musical energy and communication reaches your soul - and enriches your life.


Borea loudspeakers benefit from research and innovations from the Esprit Ez range for uncompromising sound reproduction.

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