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[Guide] Comment entretenir ses vinyles ?

[Guide] Comment entretenir ses vinyles ?

How to care for your LP Records ?

To make the most of the musical quality that vinyl records can offer, while prolonging their life and that of the turntable, it's important to look after them properly.
Indeed, an accumulation of dust or other impurities in the grooves of the discs can impair sound quality, making listening less enjoyable.
Here are a few tips to guide you through the process.

Step 1: Systematic cleaning.

The best way to maintain optimum listening quality is to clean vinyl before and after each use, even if it's new. Regular surface cleaning will remove the dust that accumulates in the grooves and prevent it from getting stuck. It's these particles, tiny as they may be, that are responsible for the crackling and other parasitic noises that can spoil your listening pleasure, which is why it's vital to clean your records regularly, using an antistatic or velvet pad brush. The mechanical action combined with the anti-static characteristics of these objects will remove a maximum of impurities. Regular use of these brushes will also discharge static electricity, which attracts dust, from vinyl records.

Step 2: Deeper cleansing.

If the condition of your vinyl records requires a more thorough cleaning and the first step has not proved sufficient, particularly if they are second-hand or were played a long time ago, it is advisable to use more effective solutions, such as investing in a dedicated cleaning liquid and applying it with a soft cloth or velvet brush. This will thoroughly clean your favorite 33 or 45 rpm recordings, ensuring the best possible listening pleasure.

A few more good practices :

Storing vinyl records vertically: It may seem obvious, but to guarantee their original shape, it's essential to store vinyl records vertically, in a dedicated cabinet or bookcase. If records are stored horizontally or out of order, they risk being distorted by the weight of the set.

Holding vinyl by the edge: it's also important to avoid putting your hands in contact with the vinyl's flat surfaces as much as possible, as this could damage the grooves. To do this, take care to hold records by their edges with both hands, preferably by the palms.

Complete cleaning kit: To make sure you have all the products you need, you can use a complete cleaning kit. Consisting of an antistatic brush, dedicated cleaning fluid and a cloth, this box contains all the essentials to care for your vinyl and ensure its longevity, while allowing you to enjoy your vinyl at its best.

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