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[Guide] Pourquoi choisir le Vinyle ?

[Guide] Why choose vinyl?

Why choose vinyl ?

In the age of digital technology and streaming music, vinyl is making an impressive comeback and proving that it is not yet out of fashion. LPs still have some serious advantages to offer, and we're going to analyse these strengths to better understand their success.

1 Music as a commodity.

First of all, the main advantage of vinyl is that once you've bought it, you own it, unlike a streaming service, which leaves you with nothing once you've cancelled your subscription.

With your LPs , you know you can listen to your favourite albums again and again at no extra cost, and even better, you can transmit them.

2 The pleasure of collecting

Vinyl is also a beautiful object. With its large sleeve adorned with beautiful illustrations (some of which are real works of art) and its sometimes personalised disc, it has everything to seduce our collector's desires. What's more, despite its size, it's still very easy to store.

It's a medium that's been around for decades, so you've got a huge second-hand market that allows you to buy music at a reasonable price. In addition, there are a multitude of unique recordings that can only be found on this medium, making it all the more exclusive.

3 A listening ritual

Once you've enjoyed buying your record, there's a whole ritual around listening to your music. Where a few clicks on your phone are all it takes to play your favourite track, vinyl requires research and careful handling, which are also part of its charm.

Taking it out of its sleeve, putting it on the turntable, starting the platter, putting the arm in place, watching it spin and enter into a synchronised dance with the cartridge before finally listening to it - all this adds to the pleasure that vinyl can bring, it's almost poetic.

4 Unique sound quality

The last vestige of analogue music, vinyl enjoys an excellent reputation for the quality of its sound reproduction. With its inimitable grain, warmth and great dynamics, it has everything to convince us that it is the best.

However, current advances in dematerialised formats mean that we now have excellent digital sound quality with very good detail.

In short, there's no such thing as better sound quality, just a different approach to music. The main thing is to enjoy listening to your music, whatever the medium or technology you choose.

In conclusion, these different points show that vinyl has not yet said its last word and that it has serious assets, full of charm and nostalgia, to continue to coexist with more modern music formats.

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