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[Guide] Compatibilité de la platine vinyle TRIANGLE

[Guide] TRIANGLE turntable compatibility

If you've just bought a Triangle turntable, or are thinking of buying one, we'd like to tell you how to get the most out of it.

 Is this turntable compatible with my current speakers or music system ?

  • With Triangle powered speakers

If you use Triangle powered speakers, you can be sure that the turntable is compatible. In fact, our powered speakers* have a built-in phono pre-amplifier so you can connect your turntable without any additional equipment.

*Only the AIO 3 does not have a phono preamplifier.

  • With a setup that has a phono preamplifier

If you already have a hi-fi system or active speakers, check that your equipment has a phono input. If so, you can connect your turntable directly to the phono input.

A little tip for recognising this input: as well as being identified, you'll also have a ground plug nearby.

  • With an installation that does not have a phono preamplifier

If your system is not equipped with this input, you can also take advantage of this turntable by purchasing an external phono preamplifier.

So, whatever your installation, there's a solution for connecting our turntable to your Hi-Fi system.

Please note: to guarantee optimum signal quality, we have chosen a turntable that transmits sound to your equipment only via an RCA wired connection.

Installation de la platine vinyle Triangle

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