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Magellan - Voce 40TH

Center Channel

Sale price3.000 € the piece
Home Cinema Speaker
Magnesium Horn Tweeter
2x 16cm (6") Midwoofer
Power Handling 100 W
Double Terminal Block

Premium Center Channel - Magellan Voce 40th

The ideal complement for an exceptional home theater system, the MAGELLAN Voce 40th is a 2-way center channel designed to reproduce dialogues. Its sealed enclosure delivers warm and detailed vocals. The work conducted on its directivity minimized the placement issues usually encountered with this type of speaker.

The TZ2900 horn tweeter features a next generation dome in magnesium alloy that reveals the finest details of the soundtracks of your movies or series.

To achieve this level of accuracy and precision in the vocal register essential to TRIANGLE, the 2 drivers feature a paper diaphragm and small pleat suspensions emblematic of the brand. The curved shape of the cabinet is made of successive layers of high-density fiberboard, each 3mm thick. It offers excellent rigidity and excludes any internal parallels, thus avoiding any sound coloration.

The Magellan Voce 40th is TRIANGLE’s response for improving the performance of home theater and multichannel music systems. The S08C speaker stand designed specifically for this model is available as an option.


S08-C speaker stand

The S08-C speaker stand is dedicated for this premium center channel. Its upper part has been specially designed to accommodate the curved shapes of the Magellan Voce 40th. Positioned at the optimal height, the S08-C allows a perfect reproduction without interfering with the visibility of your television or projection screen.

Perfectly stable, the S08-C absorbs unwanted resonances to accurately reproduce the subtleties of the soundtrack and guarantee perfect intelligibility of dialogue.

Equipped with watertight tubes, you can add granular sand or tiny steel balls to ballast the stand and increase stability. (Triangle ballast balls sold separately)


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