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Pack LN05A + Tales 340 + SUB3

Bluetooth Speaker + Subwoofer Pack

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Stereo Active Speakers
Amplifier Output Power : 2 x 80 Watts
Rooms from 15 to 50m²
TV Compatible (Optical)
Phono Input (Turntable)
Bluetooth aptX
Output Power : 200 Watts

LN05A + Tales 340 Pack

Combine the LN05A active floorstanding speakers with the Talès 340 subwoofer, thanks to the SUB3 RCA cable, to enjoy warm, detailed sound for your music, films and TV series.

The LN05A can be used to create a complete, modern hi-fi system for large living rooms, or an admirable home-cinema system for your movies and TV series.

These Bluetooth floorstanding speakers feature a 2 x 80 Watt Class D amplifier, a fabric dome tweeter and 2 x 13 cm drivers. The equalizer enables rapid adjustment of the speakers' bass and treble frequencies. Designed to meet everyone's needs, this amplifier features numerous analog and digital inputs (Bluetooth, RCA/Phono, Mini-Jack 3.5mm, Optical-S/PDIF, Coaxial). They're ideal for both music and audio-video uses.

With a relatively compact volume (90cm high by 16.5cm wide), the LN05A speakers deliver surprising power for their compact size. They're ideal for rooms of up to 50m2.

TRIANGLE RCA SUB3 is a cable specially designed to connect active speakers to the Talès 340, optimizing the transport of low frequencies for fast, accurate low-frequency reproduction. Made from deoxygenated copper conductors, TRIANGLE RCA SUB3 features a double layer of insulation to prevent interference and disturbance of the sound signal. Its Y structure makes it easy to connect your subwoofer's RCA input to the LN05A's dedicated SUB output. Connected in this way, you can adjust the cutoff frequency of your subwoofer to the desired level.



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